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An announcement:


If you, any of my dear followers, would like to order a custom crocheted anything for somebody on your list or yourself, I am open for business (as long as it’s reasonable). 

I can do hats, scarves, plushies, blankets, anything.

From any fandom too!

  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter
  • Nerdfighteria
  • Pokemon
  • etc etc etc 

Everybody loves pictures! 

Giant Squid of Anger

Golden snitch



Puppy sized elephants

Weeping Angel



As soon as I get an order in, I start working on it immediately until I’m finished, usually 2-3 days depending on the item, so you can expect for fast service and of course, safe shipping. 

I sell my items through Etsy, so PayPal is the main form of payment I accept, although cash is always welcome as well. 

My ask box is always open :)

This is such a cute idea! 

I love the TARDIS and puppy sized elephant.

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