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I’ve wanted a DFTBA tattoo for a long time now and am finally in the planning stages of it.. The only problem is that I have very little artistic ability… 

Do any of you have work that you’ve done that’s “DFTBA” all pretty-like that would look good permanently affixed to my body? (I’m thinking side/torso/rib area) 

If so, could I see it to get some ideas? 

Thank you :)

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Community of Awesome

I am sure that I am not the only person who is completely and utterly humbled and overwhelmed right now by how much this community means to me. 

I thought I was tuning into a live show to get some entertainment for the evening while I proudly watched some important people in my life do something cool. But what ended up happening was me being feeling so extraordinarily connected to every other nerdfighter as we all watched and sang and laughed and cried. 

I was not at a livestream event, but in the comfort of my own living room, yet I still felt like I was sharing something really special with so many other people. 

Which is the magic of nerdfighteria.  It’s not just about liking videos on Youtube or making silly jokes or singing funny songs. It’s about reaching through the chasm of distance and the trenches of loneliness and finding others who are doing the same. 

Hank and John, I am beyond proud of you both for what you have accomplished. I am honored to know you and privileged that I live in a world where nerdfighters exist. 

From the bottom of my heart - thank you, congratulations, and here’s to even more amazing times ahead. 

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Hank & John, 
Some people are surprised when they find out that I’ve only been a nerdfighter since April of 2011. I haven’t even had my first nerdfighter-aversary yet. But the amount that I have learned and grown within the past year is astounding, and much of that is due to the two of you and the community you have helped to shape. When I watch the vlogbrothers, I never feel as if I’m being talked at, but rather, as if I’m being invited into a conversation. 
When I look at my life now, it’s amazing how central nerdfighteria has become. My closest friends are those that I met in comments, on twitter, or at Vidcon. I wouldn’t have met the person I’m dating if I hadn’t become a nerdfighter. 
The impact that you have had on me in less than a year makes it difficult to fathom how vital you have been to those who have known you in some capacity for the past five. Every time I hear of a new person becoming a nerdfighter, I get so excited because I remember the feelings of complete inadequacy that were largely relieved by finding this community that makes me feel welcome. 
The one lexical gap I know to exist is the one that would allow me to truly express how grateful I am to both of you. Thank you never seems like enough. But it’s all I have. So when I say thank you, I hope you know it comes from the deepest part of my heart and with some of the most intense gratitude I have ever felt towards other people. 
What you’ve done over the past 5 years is a very, very special thing. 
Thank you. 
- sammich117/nerdfightersdontfightnerds

My letter for the scavenger-hunt-thank-you Tumblr, which is really sweet/touching to look through

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