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Looking for Alaska, a poem

I’m in love with final words
The end of someone’s tale
What strikes them as important
As organ systems fail

With your tiny peach tank top
And fitted cut-off jeans
You caused my lungs to stop
As you took the breath from me

You taught me how to love
To move from ends to starts
You showed me how to be
More than the sum of parts

I used the Great Perhaps
To escape what I once knew
It brought me on the journey
That ended up at you

“That which the sea breaks against”
You chose your name and fate
You crashed and broke against me
In a way, perhaps was great.

We’re born into this labyrinth
And must figure out our paths
Though I chose to forgive
You chose straight and fast

It breaks my heart that everything
That unites must fall apart
But we just got together
I thought it was our start.

My mind still wanders back
To the dare you gave to me
The thrilling, heartbreak dare
That caused you and me to be


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