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The last four years



parker-ryan submitted:

Four years ago I was a college student in Florida, watching the financial and housing sectors fall all around me as I started my senior year.

August, the next year, I graduated the month that a quarter of a million other Americans lost their jobs. I was hired 10 days after graduation to become a teacher, and felt lucky to have that.

Three months later I was able to buy a house in the hardest hit housing sector in the US, SouthWest FL, while my wife and son and I lived just on a first year teacher’s salary. We were only able to do this because of the President’s tax credit for first time home buyers.

Fast forward three years, I took a job in the healthcare IT sector, my salary’s more than quadrupled and, thanks to ObamaCare and it’s focus on Electronic Medical Records, thoughts on job security don’t even enter my mind. We’re also looking at moving to a new house, and when we sell we are looking at a gain in equity of around 40% on the one we were only able to purchase because of the tax credit.

So when I hear the question, “Are you better off now than four years ago?” my answer is, every time, an absolute and unequivocal “Yes!”



Our president just reminded everyone not to forget to be awesome.

Well that’s cool. 

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Awesome people say awesome things


I digress from my ‘omg John put my picture in his video’ and get back to the mushy “wowee nerdfighters are spectacular people” 

Sometimes youtube comments are full of decepticons (like WOW a lot of people have a problem with Hank’s sitting down to pee comment…) 

But then people like this lovely person say things like this: 


I love that you say “we” through the entire video.

Yes, humanity is full of groups. Yes, we are divided.

But we are still one. We are a race and a society. We share dreams and goals.


MsMeloo 6 minutes ago

and it makes me all ooey gooey again. 

I don’t know if you read this. Or if you have a tumblr. But you are made of awesome.  

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